6 Reasons Northern Nights is the California Festival of the Summer

As we are deep in the middle of summer, it’s necessary to take advantage of all the opportunities that it has to offer. California is home to a network of weekend camping festivals, and we are beyond excited to head up north to cover Northern Nights Music Festival. Trust us- you don’t want to miss out on the good vibes, and the great music NNMF that has to offer. Here are the top 6 reasons NNMF is the festival of the summer:

1.The location is stunning, and by that we mean absolutely breathtaking. 

Nestled in the lush Cooks Valley Campground, going to Northern Nights is a complete break from the everyday routine. It’s impossible not to be inspired waking up to towering redwoods, or taking a morning swim with hundreds of your new friends to kick off your day at NNMF.


2. There are six, yes you heard that correctly, six different stages to find whatever music moves you. 


From the mainstage to the beach stage, bunker stage to the grove stag, Northern Nights has got you covered for whatever vibe you’re looking for. Wanna keep partying after the music quiets down? Don’t worry, the silent disco has got you covered. The redwoods illuminate at night, and trust us, are even prettier at night than during the day.


  1. The lineup is packed, diverse, and is sure to keep you dancing till the sun comes up.

You don’t need us to tell you how fire this lineup is. From consistent chart toppers like Zhu and Big Wild, to R&B singer songwriter Feugo, to base heavy hitters like Shades, or CharlestheFirst, there is music for literally everybody. Wanna go but don’t know which set to hit up? Check out our list of “10 Artists not to miss at Northern Nights Music Festival”.

  1. There is more than just music at NNMF- there is anything you want to do. 

When you’re not dancing, be sure to check out all of the awesome stuff going on at Northern Nights, from daily yoga under the Redwoods, artists painting live, or even just taking a nap in the relaxing hammock lounge, Northern Nights has planned a weekend where you can truly, let loose, regenerate, and relax. Plus, with NorCal favorite food trucks and vendors catering the festival, you’ll stay well-fed all weekend long.

5. Northern Nights is actually making history, so you have to come be apart of this historical event!

For our 21+ crowd, Northern Nights is doing something revolutionary: Recreational sale of legal cannabis. For those who are of age, we encourage you to enjoy responsibly! 

In NNMF co-founder Peter Hussons words , “We are going to have a cannabis retail and consumption area that goes by the name of the Tree Lounge. It is 21 and over area and cannabis sales and consumption are restricted to that area,” (Billboard). So if you’re interested, there’s a totally safe and fun way to participate at NNMF. 

  1. Make tons of new festival friends! 

Float in the river with new friends, or do morning yoga with your tent neighbors. NNMF is full of good vibes and community spirit. It’s the reason people are obsessed with this festival and come back every year.

So don’t miss out! Come celebrate under the redwoods with us!

For more information visit:  https://www.northernnights.org/experience

For Tickets: https://www.northernnights.org/tickets