About the Committee

Founded in the summer of 1962 by Chancellor Franklin Murphy, the Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA is the student branch of the world renowned Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA (CAP UCLA) , formerly UCLA Live, formerly the UCLA Center for the Performing Arts. The committee provides student tickets to CAP UCLA events, making available some of the best seats in the house at amazing prices. SCA works frequently with the CAP UCLA staff in departments ranging from Education to Artist Relations, continually promoting the performing arts on campus. SCA is also proud to produce its own series of shows that bring great artists and events to students, in addition to showcasing the various talents of UCLA Student Artists.

The Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA has been funded by student fees for the past forty-seven years. Thanks to the support of the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC), we have been able to continue offering thousands of low-priced tickets to students for CAP UCLA events each year.

We look forward to fulfilling our mission to “support and encourage student awareness and participation in the arts at UCLA, while providing hands-on experience in the various areas of arts administration for [our] members.”

Important Roles on the Committee

Committee Co-Directors (elected)

The Co-Directors are responsible for interviewing and appointing all members in cooperation with the following: the President of the Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC), the President of the Graduate Students Association (GSA), the Undergradute Students Association Cultural Affairs Commissioner, the SCA Advisor from CAP UCLA, and the Advisor from the UCLA Center for Student Programming. The Co-Directors’ main tasks are to make sure that the Committee fulfills its responsibilities and follows its operating code, as well as organizing and maintaining the operating and programming budgets. They lead meetings and facilitate group discussion while directing all other Committee positions and providing oversight for proposals, programming, funding, and co-programming. They also represent the Committee at external events, to the press, and at the Dean’s Council of the School of Arts and Architecture. By encouraging independent arts research and teamwork, they catalyze Committee growth.

Programming Director (elected)

Responsible for contacting agents to obtain artist availabilities and negotiate fees on behalf of the Committee. Maintains and builds relationships with other representatives in the Industry. Main liaison between artists and the Committee leading up to and during performances. Communicates new contacts and Industry research on artists to the Committee.

Marketing and Publicity Director (elected)

Directs the Marketing Subcommittee. Responsible for spreading the word about who we are and what we do. Assists Event Subcommittees, devises innovative marketing plans, develops ad concepts with graphic designers, and coordinates timing, placement, and distribution of marketing products and all Committee materials. Responsible for coordinating and dispensing information about Student Tickets on-campus. Maintains a Committee marketing binder with ad rates, publicity information and archived fliers and press releases. Updates Committee display cases weekly and keeps Committee brochure racks fully stocked.

Education Director (elected)

The primary role of the Education Director is to promote student awareness of the arts, incorporating educational aspects into CAP UCLA programs and SCA events. Striving to fulfill one of the long-term objectives of the Committee, it is the responsibility of the Education Director to ensure that the Committee as a whole increases UCLA students’ exposure to on-campus arts events and programs, ultimately enriching their participation in the arts. The elected Education Director will work directly with the Director of Education and Outreach at CAP UCLA, to develop educational programs and organize events for UCLA students in conjunction with CAP UCLA. It is the goal of the Director to help create opportunities for UCLA students to actively participate in the arts and better develop an understanding of the arts.

The List Director (elected)

The List Director works to develop and foster The List, formerly Project A.R.T.S. (Art Realized Through Students), compiling a database of student artists which SCA draws from for events, as well as makes available to other campus organizations which seek artists of any type. The List Director must work with the Marketing and Publicity Director to spread the word about The List, while also compiling the database and working with other committees to make it available to all. The Director should also bring artists of note to the attention of the committee for inclusion in events and for the creation of new events purely featuring students artists.

Dorm Marketing Director

As part of the Marketing Subcommittee, helps maintain our relationship https://writingmypapers.com/ with the Office of Residential Life and works with Residential Advisors and other dorm supervisors in spreading our publicity to this important market. In charge of distributing flyers, brochures, table tents, and other advertising on the Hill–a crucial part of our marketing to students.

Graphic Designers

Responsible for conceiving and creating our ads, flyers, posters, brochures, banners, logos, etc. for recognized venues and professional publications. Experience with Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign a must. Work closely with Event Subcommittees and the Marketing and Publicity Director to devise and implement exciting, eye-catching ad designs for each event and boost Student Ticket sales for CAP UCLA events. Create signboard posters weekly to highlight upcoming shows and ticket information.

Website Director

Responsible for maintaining and growing our website and web presence, including biweekly content updates and viral or grassroots online marketing. Work closely with the Ticket Coordinator in posting and tracking student audience surveys. Track website usage and help to generate interest in visiting www.sca.ucla.edu. Some computer design experience with Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign is necessary.


Responsible for documenting all Committee events and activities through photography, film, and other media, and organizing it in a creative way. Works closely with the Website Coordinator to update the Committee Events page and blog, as well as the Press Kit. Looks after the archive of media articles about and by the Committee and its events, dating from 1962.

Ticket Manager

Works closely with the UCLA Central Ticket Office to keep track of Student Ticket sales to CAP UCLA and SCA events, and conveys this information to the Committee. Advises the Marketing and Publicity Director on a weekly basis on how to market shows effectively on campus. Other duties include overseeing the Committee’s annual end-of-the-year purchase of subsidized tickets, facilitating student audience surveys and research, and handling tickets at events, as well as Committee complimentary tickets.

Efficiency and Sustainability Coordinator

The Efficiency and Sustainability Director will first and foremost serve as a resource of sustainable practices for the committee. This involves being available to consult for all appointed positions and events. They will foster relationships with environmental groups and other student organizations to target new audiences. The Efficiency and Sustainability Director will continue to explore aspects of SCA that can be improved to increase energy efficiency.

General Member

Responsible for attending all Tuesday night meetings, voting on all proposals, and marketing the UCLA Performing Arts Student Ticket allocation. Members are encouraged to produce at least one show and expected to serve on the subcommittee of at least two events. As part of these subcommittees, members are involved in all aspects of production, including artist selection, drafting performance contracts, promotion, marketing, budgeting, merchandise sales, hospitality and parking, stage production, and arrangements with potential sponsors. All members learn to be reliable team players, are dedicated to Committee endeavors, and are willing to express any and all ideas about artist selection and marketing of events.