2022-2023 SCA Leadership

Chang Zhou (she/her) is a fourth-year at UCLA studying World Arts and Cultures, Economics, and Visual and Performing Arts Education. As a visual artist, she works primarily with acrylic and watercolor. Chang is interested in Arts Business and works as a freelance artist under her brand, Jupz Journal, outside of class. Chang joined Student Committee for the Arts as Design Co-Chair in Fall 2021 because of her passion for accessible art events and connecting students to student artists. She is very excited to Co-Direct SCA with Elizabeth this year to continue building community through art.

Elizabeth Haan (she/her) is a third-year student at UCLA studying Art History, Classics, and Professional Writing. She is the current co-director of the Student Committee for the Arts which holds a special place in her heart for being a supportive environment where she can exercise creativity while learning valuable professional skills. After graduating she is interested in earning a master’s degree in Arts Administration or Arts Management and pursuing a career working in an administrative position in the visual arts field.