Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is SCA a funding source?
    Yes. We fund events and programs, but we do not merely write checks to individuals or groups. A group or entity can apply for up to $5,000 in SCA funds for their event, or potentially more if they are co-programming with SCA, in which SCA must be involved in the planning of the event.
  • How can our registered student group receive funding from SCA?
    For a group to receive funding, you can email SCA at sca@arts.ucla.edu to obtain a proposal form. You must fill out the proposal form and schedule a meeting with SCA, where we will ask you questions about your event and how you envision SCA’s involvement. We are not a funding board and do not have unlimited funds, so we want to collaborate on all events and programs that are proposed. We will also ask if you would like to be part of SCA’s The List program.


  • What is SCA’s mission?
    The Student Committee for the Arts was created in 1962 by Chancellor Franklin Murphy as the student division of CAP UCLA. The committee consists of graduate and undergraduate students from diverse areas of study. The SCA’s mission is to support and encourage student awareness and participation in the arts at UCLA, while providing hands-on experience in the various areas of arts administration for its members. This mission is accomplished in the following three ways:

    • Selecting, supporting, and promoting affordable student tickets to CAP UCLA programs.
    • Producing a variety of our own on-campus programs and activities.
    • Supporting the efforts of other student organizations and performing-arts related entities on campus.
  • Why are you guys so cool?
    Top secret information. Join the committee to find out.


  • How can I become a member of the SCA?
    SCA is a committee selected by the returning members of the committee. You can apply in the Spring (and sometimes, Fall) quarters. You must complete our electronic application, available during appropriate times in the recruitment section of our website. Only current UCLA graduate and undergraduate students may apply. After you submit your application, we will hold individual interviews, from which certain candidates will be selected for a more fun, relaxed group interview. If you apply, you must attend all interviews, as well as the orientation. Our meetings vary from quarter-to-quarter (usually on Tuesday nights), and you must be available for all meetings, as well as all events.
  • When does SCA recruit?
    We recruit in Fall and Spring quarters (usually Spring). We will post the application online at the appropriate times. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the application is out.

THE LIST (formerly known as Project A.R.T.S.)

  • What is The List?
    “The List” is a program that promotes student arts at UCLA. By signing up to be on The List, students will be in SCA’s database of student performers in which we draw on for student openers or solely student shows. Students in the database may have to opportunity to showcase their art/performance art on campus at various venues alongside your favorite renowned/up-and-coming artists.
  • How do I sign up to be a part of The List?
    It’s simple. Just fill out the application here.
  • If I wanted to withdraw my information from the database, how would I go about that?
    Send us an email at scaucla@gmail.com, and your information will be taken off the database.
  • Will my information be accessible to the public?
    Your information is private. Only select SCA members will have access to your information.
  • My group wants to put on a show at UCLA–will “The List” help us?
    Depending on the show and situation, “The List” Coordinators will examine and deliberate on how they can help you.
  • Do the performers receive any sort of payment for performing?
    No, these performances allow students to showcase their talents. This is an opportunity for them to share it with others. But who knows? Maybe you’ll get a paid gig by someone in the audience afterwards!
  • What happens when I graduate? Will you still have my information?
    Once you graduate, we will delete your information from our database.
  • Can groups sign up?
    Yes, groups may sign up. However, we would like only one member to be the contact person, in case we have any questions.