UCLA PenPal Program

One of the best parts of a UCLA education is the connections and relationships that are built within the Bruin community. It is not uncommon to hear of roommates becoming best friends or randomly assigned lab partners studying together after class. Until we can be on campus together again, the UCLA Pen Pal Program facilitates a new way to generate unexpected connections that often grow into meaningful friendships. The UCLA Pen Pal Program will match two Bruins based on their common interests. These two students will become pen pals for the quarter, where they can exchange letters, doodles, art, etc. If the pen pals chose to communicate via physical mail, prepaid postcards will be provided. Throughout the quarter, the students have the option to follow guiding prompts on WEBSITE for inspiration. Please fill out this FORM if you are interested in participating in the UCLA Pen Pal Program. We will reach out shortly to notify you of your pen pal match and provide further guidance.

For info on how to join the UCLA Pen Pal program, email penpal@orl.ucla.edu

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What would you say to introduce yourself to someone you just met? 

Where do you call home? 

What was the rose and thorn of your week?

What inedible thing do you wish you could eat? 

What’s the best thing you ate this past week? The worst?

What’s your patronus/ fruit/ vegetable?

Tell me about your outfit right now. 


What is something you are looking forward to?

What is a skill/hobby you have been practicing recently? Can you share an example?

Do you believe in astrology?

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be and why?

What is the first book you remember really loving?

What was your favorite subject in school?

What kind of things do you enjoy making (cooking or art or anything)?

What’s your favorite part of the day?


What makes you feel at peace?

Did you learn anything new during quarentine?

What song have you been listening to on repeat recently?

What is the meaning of your name? Do you feel like it resonates with who you are?

What TV shows are you currently watching and what are some of your favorites?

Where do you want to travel to after COVID?


What do you wish more people knew about you?

Which of your personality traits are you grateful for?

What’s the last embarrassing moment you experienced?

Share a fun story from your childhood!

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

What is the best gift you have ever received?

What’s something you’ve done recently that was out of your comfort zone?

Crowd Favorites

What makes you feel alive?

What would your friends say are your trademark mannerisms and phrases?

What are some things you’ve had to unlearn?

What is your dream vacation?

Tell your partner a random fact!

Is a hotdog a sandwich?


If you could sign my yearbook, what would it say?

What are your summer plans?

What’s something your proud of/that you accomplished this past year?

What was your favorite tik tok, meme, or piece of pop culture from the year?

What are you looking forward to right now?

Mailing Tool Kit 

Postcard Mailing Q&A  (see the postcard template graphic attached to confirm your postcard is ready to send)

  1. How to mail a postcard

Use the back of the postcard to address the recipient. It might seem counterintuitive at first! Since the front of your postcard has the letter illustration, you will use the blank space on the back to write your pen pal’s address. Flip your postcard photo side down to get started! 

Write the recipient’s address on the right-hand side of the postcard. Use the lines on the right side of the postcard. The first line will contain your pen pal’s name, the second will list their street address, and the third will list the city, state, zip code, and country you are sending the postcard to.  Use the graphic below/above to guide your process.

Write your handwritten message using the blank space on the left-hand side of the postcard. Check out our prompts to get your writing started. It always helps to have an idea of what you will write before the pen meets the postcard. 

  1. How to determine your postage (for a postcard or envelope)

Follow these links to determine your postage:

USPS Postage Rates

USPS Retail Postage Price Calculator

  1. How to stamp your postcard

Before sending off your postcard, don’t forget to add a stamp! Your stamp goes in the upper right corner of the postcard near the recipient’s mailing address. Be sure to add the right amount of postage so your card arrives, especially if you’re using international postage. Care package recipients: please note that the postcards we mailed you are pre-stamped and do not need additional postage. The Forever stamps included in the care package should be used for sending mail in envelopes only. 

Check out these images below to make sure everything’s good to go before you send your postcard!

Postcard Template:

Postcard Template

Envelope Template:

Envelope Template
PenPal Program World Map
UCLA Pen Pal Program Flyer with QR Code


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