Artist Support Initiative

Artist Support Fund
Artist Support Fund

SCA has launched the Student Artist Support Fund to help provide our community with the materials needed to create!

After reviewing your request, SCA will purchase the supplies you need and send them to you. Artists of all mediums and majors are encouraged to apply!

Due to the nature of SCA’s funding, all materials must be purchased by SCA. This is not a grant and we can not reimburse purchases made by students. While we can buy physical materials for projects, we are unable to buy equipment or services. There is a $200 cap per request. 

We are only able to fund supplies for academic/departmental-related student projects and/or pieces that will be presented to or shared with the UCLA community.

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We can Purchase: 







We cannot purchase: 

Camera/Filming equipment 



Rental fees

Updated link to form: SCA Student Arts Support Request form!