Arts in the Union

The Student Committee for the Arts presents the sixth annual Arts in the Union festival! Join us from 4:30-8:15pm in and around Ackerman and Kerckhoff to enjoy a free showcase of student artists!

Featuring student bands, dance, comedy, spoken word, a capella, and visual art ~

Stages & Performers:


Panda Express Patio: Music

Austin Gatus, Sahara Grim, Cole Heramb, Global Soul Collective, Apollo Soul


Kerckhoff Grand Salon: Dance

Ria Julian & Danyel Moulton, Alex Almaraz, Matthew Rogers, Asante Parker, NSU


Kerckhoff Coffee House: Spoken Word & Comedy

The Word on Wednesdays, Shenanigans


Bruin Viewpoint Room: A Cappella

Medleys, Naya Zimaana, Random Voices, Resonance, Bruin Harmony, ScatterTones

All Day

Kerckhoff Art Gallery: Visual Art Exhibition

Artists coming soon!


**Don’t forget to head over to Westside Welcome after for a concert in Ackerman Grand Ballroom**

More info here: