But What Are You Going to Do with that Degree?


Polly Roberts, World Arts and Cultures Professor and Consulting Curator of African Art at LACMA, discusses her career trajectory and advice for students interested in museum work.


In collaboration with the Project ARTS initiative, the SCA Education Team presents: But What Are You Going to Do with that Degree? a documentary series that explores the infrastructural supports and professional development of arts-related faculty and students affiliated with UCLA.

Initiated in the spring of 2016, this project was devised to respond to a concern about post-graduate life in the arts. During a series of preliminary conversations, we reflected on recurrent questions regarding the possibility of developing a sustainable career in an arts field. As we embarked on our first series of interviews we discovered that this view is frequently generated from the external world. To combat stigma concerning careers in the arts, our goal is to provide examples of successful arts practices, as well as practical advice for students. A video featuring World Arts and Cultures professor Polly Roberts, published for the public on YouTube today, is the first of a six-week series of mini-documentaries that feature current undergraduates, recent graduates, and professors. Keep a look out for a new video every Monday!

Watch the first video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0DfKDxPw9I

SCA Education Team ’15-’16: Colleen Hamilton-Lecky, Bethany Rennard, and Alyssa Scott.