Jazz Reggae Festival 2012: my favorite time of year, let us cheer!

It’s that time of the year again! The 26th Annual JazzReggae Festival is happy
to announce its upcoming FREE Student Ticket Giveaways happening on May
9th and May 15th! To take advantage of this, UCLA students must bring their
Bruin Cards to CTO at 7am on those dates to collect a ticket to the festival day of
their choice. But for the Roots and Gary Clark Jr., I’m not taking any chances—
I’ll probably start camping out around 5am. Bruin Cards are only eligible for one
JazzReggae Festival ticket, so it’s up to you—Jam day or Reggae day. If you’re
indecisive like me, coerce one of your friends into waking up early and standing
in line with you to get that extra festival ticket! I can’t stress it enough, but with
an epic lineup including the Roots, Bobby Womack, Shaggy, Don Carlos, Coolie
Buddz (among others), tickets will go fast! Don’t miss out on this wonderful
opportunity, so get to CTO bring and early.

Hope to see you there!


For more information on the JazzReggae Festival, please visit: