2nd Annual Spring Clothing Swap!

IT’S BACK ~~ Student Committee for the Arts presents our Spring Clothing Swap!

Bring your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories to swap with your fellow UCLA students!

The rules are very simple:

All items at the swap are FREE for the taking if you bring two or more pieces to trade.

IF you are too dearly attached to all of your apparel, or you have stumbled in last minute on your way from class, you can still come search for some goods…..but you must trade us a story about your clothes!

This swap focuses on the stories that clothes tell, and so as part of the process, we are providing safety pins and pieces of paper to attach, where the original owner can share any and all information, anecdotes, andcontexts about the item for the next person. You can share your name, your history, a drawing or a poem – as gruesome, personal, scary and pathetic as the stories may be! We also will be conducting interviews about personal style, clothing dogma, and any good stories you have to share.

Come out Wednesday, May 3rd to Bruin Plaza!

“I’m not overly sentimental. Nor am I a hoarder. I just feel a strong connection to the memories that accompany clothing.” – Emily Spivack, author of the book Worn Stories