7 Things to Watch Out for at Music Tastes Good

This weekend is the long awaited Music Tastes Good festival in Long Beach, California. We asked our team member, Katherine, to describe the seven things she looks forward to most about her trip to the LBC. Here’s what she’s ready for:

  1. Princess Nokia is one of the most dynamic artists of the moment. Beyond the signature creativity and cleverness of her verses, she always manages to innovate in the style arena. Her music videos have featured looks from gauzy white dresses, to the boxy shoulder pads of 80s corporate wear, to oversized sweatshirts and dad sneakers. I’m excited to see where Princess Nokia’s aesthetic will go this weekend. Her outfit is sure to be noteworthy.
  2. True to its name, Music Tastes Good has a “Taste Tent” which features local chefs. I can’t wait to recharge in between sets with the wide variety of local food that will be available. Chef Dina Amadril from Long Beach Creamery will be serving her signature Buttercake Berry Sundae, and I will definitely be waiting in line.
  3. Lil B (alternately known as The BasedGod) has a loyal fanbase as much for his music as the lifestyle he promotes on his twitter page. Despite the sometimes ridiculous nature of his online presence, Lil B takes his art seriously and has created unique visual experiences with the many music videos that he has produced and directed. I’m excited to see what visuals he displays during his set, and how he integrates them into his message.
  4. Seeing a performance by James Blake is always a dramatic and immersive experience, but especially so when he plays original and unfamiliar mixes on stage. His signature blend of r&b, soul, and electronic music lends to unpredictable results even in the studio versions of his music, so he’s sure to surprise the audience with his improvisation at live shows.
  5. Cherry Glazerr’s songs are all infused with an intensity that gets audiences going. It’s the kind of music it’s impossible not to dance to and that is exactly what the crowd will be doing. I can’t wait to experience the energy of the crowd and dance it out with hundreds of people doing the same.
  6. In addition to the stages and the Taste Tent, Music Tastes Good features Art Installations by local artists. There’s nothing better than different forms of creativity collaborating in one space, and the opportunity to connect with artists that I may never have crossed paths with otherwise is something to look forward to.
  7. Beyond being a classic New Order is one of my favorite bands. They are the band I am most excited to see at Music Tastes Good and am eager to experience every song and every aspect of their set. But one thing that specifically stands out is that the bassline in their song “Blue Monday” is so intense that in a live performance it will cause a full body experience. My ears will probably be ringing for the next three days, but it will be a reminder of what is bound to be my favorite part of Music Tastes Good.

Katherine Price