Arts Happenings Weekend

Friday, January 22 – Sunday, January 24
FREE UCLA Student-only Event

Come see what UCLA Live, The Hammer Museum, Fowler Museum, and UCLA Film Archives have to offer!! Great opportunity for students like you to see the world-class art that UCLA attracts!
For info on performers, schedules, events, & shuttles, visit:

SCA is bringing Texan band RESTAVRANT for a noon-time show in Bruin Plaza on Friday, January 22.
The Echo says it best:
“Restavrant are two screemin freeks—term used so respectfully—from adorable Victoria, Texas, that use expired license plates for drum parts and bodily drag truly addled hillbillyism into the digital age. They engineer a sloppy collision between Hasil Adkins and DJ Assault that boils down to beat, guitar and rooster-at-sunrise screaming, and
behind them the drunkest dancers fall obediently in line.”

Check out their music at:
More info on the band at:

Check out KARNIVAL, a Bruin benefit for Haiti, on Friday, January 22nd from 5-7 PM in the De Neve Plaza Room!

There will be dance lessons, face painting, mask making, performances, and FREE FOOD!
All proceeds benefit Partners in Health in Haiti and will be matched by corporate donors.

Opening for Avi Buffalo at 7 PM on Friday, January 22 is GABRIELLE WORTMAN. Gabrielle Wortman is a classically trained pianist, guitarist, and vocalist and currently a student at UCLA.
According to Cleo Antonelli from Acoustic Playhouse, “Gabrielle Wortman is a powerhouse performer. Her well-crafted songs are uplifting and enchanting. She has a unique style that stands out in the LA music scene.. If you havent seen her live…. you should.”
Check out her music at:

At 7pm on Friday, January 22, Long-Beach native Indie-rocker AVI BUFFALO will be playing in Royce Hall’s West Lobby.

The singer and band are blossoming on the underground circuit and opened for Vampire Weekend in November. A student opener will precede the band and afterward tours of Royce Hall itself will occur.

Check out their music at:
More info on the band at:

FREE ADMISSION | ALL OVER UCLA | 01/22/10 – 01/24/10