Dear SCA fans…

Many moons ago (god i’m old), spring quarter was waning, and I as a lowly freshman, still hadn’t found an encompassing niche at UCLA. I wanted to be involved in something exciting and rewarding instead of wandering around campus being lame a like a wounded derby horse. Alas what was i to do! As fate cordially stepped in, wait.. perhaps it wasn’t fate, maybe i’m just a sucker for a persuasive argument. Whatever. Anyways, thats when i discovered Student Committee for the Arts, a fantastic organization with a goal to promote and preserve the arts on campus.

And what a sky rocketing adventure this turned out to be! As I enter my senior year and accept my responsibilities as co-director for the upcoming year, I can honestly say joining SCA is one of the best experiences at UCLA. From programming huge shows in Royce Hall, to organizing silent discos in Powell (what is life!), from movie screenings to poetry readings, I think I’ve learned how important the various aspects of art are and its amazing ability to connect the varied population that is UCLA.

Soooo if you want to join this party and become a part of this lovely family that is SCA, I recommend applying.

Tis quite a game changer.


Emilie No
Co-Director, 2013-2014