As Programming Directors, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the ever multiplying musical universe.  It is our job to navigate it, sift through the throngs of mediocrity and find those few bright stars to present to you, the UCLA community as an elegantly packaged concert.

Thus, when the rest of the world scanned the Coachella 2012 lineup only to have their nervous system tremble with excitement, our eyes noticed something a bit different.

We don’t like to toot our own horns often, but have you seen the amount of Coachella artists that The Student Committee for the Arts had a hand in presenting to all of you dedicated scholars in the last year?

tUnE-yArDs at Ackerman Grand Ballroom was epic.  Dawes at Royce Hall?  Beats 100 degree heat and a diet solely comprised of almonds.  Flying Lotus?  He loved playing UCLA so much he stuck around to spin a private improvised set at a UCLA apartment.  And I know you all remember the first Annual Bruin Dance Massive where LA Riots tested the structural integrity of the Grand Ballroom with the girth of his bass.

Perhaps its time that college programming got a little more street cred.  Goldenvoice, we’re available.

– Tahl and Elizabeth, SCA Programming Directors