Dolphin City

Something is to be said about the state of rock n roll if Lil Wayne’s forthcoming album and Blink 182’s reunion warrant excitement. I, however, am satisfied with the current music scene. Quality is out there; you just need to listen to the lower end of the dial.

With SoCal x SCA, the Student Committee of the Arts wants to showcase local, lesser-known artists who are sure to renew your faith in rock n roll. I believe Thursday’s performers Dolphin City can do just that. But I’m not sure if rock n roll is the right genre for their style of music. Their sound is so complex and multi-layered that I lack the music know-how to explain it. The enjoyable, listen-ability belies their intricacy but remains true to their eclectic list of influences, including Tom Waits, Michael Jackson, and Brian Eno. It’s almost surprising that such a sophisticated band was born from the red-cup culture of Newport Beach.

And for all that I’m building them up to be, Dolphin City remains humble with simple aspirations: “to write quality songs, to record those songs well, and to perform a live show that is exciting and engaging.”

Be sure to come see Dolphin City and Bodies of Water this Thursday in DeNeve Auditorium.

-Kate Stimac