Free Tango Class!



QUIROGA is kick starting her 2nd North American tour after her extremely successful 2006 New York run.


UCLA students will be given an opportunity to partake in a free tango lesson by 2 members of the renowned Guillermina Quiroga Dance Company just 1 night before they perform in front of a live audience at Royce Hall.

Professional dancers, tango aficionados, & novice dancers alike are invited to experience the lyrical grace of the Argentine Tango & learn some new moves to the accompaniment of a full band.

  • 1 hour of instruction
  • 2 hours of free dance
  • The chance to mingle with 2 prominent tango dancers!
  • WHEN:

    February 3rd at 7 pm in the Royce rehearsal room.


    For those not dance-inclined (like me) or for those who are just down right clumsy (me again), here are some tips for dancing the Argentine Tango by VLADIMIR ESTRIN of the 3rd Street Dance Studio and Tango Afficionado. Don’t let two professional dancers intimidate or stop you from taking part in this rare opportunity. Follow this advice and dive head first into this workshop!!

    1. Listen to Yourself, Connect With Yourself– Argentine Tango depends a lot on your own feelings and emotions. With tango, you express much of your inner being on the dancefloor.
    2. Pay Attention to Your Partner, Connect with your Partner– Tango depends on communication! It’s a silent conversation between two people using their bodies. Each step is a reaction to how your body makes you feel, how you understand one another, what you “say” and how your partner “replies.”
    3. Listen to the Music– Music is as much a part of dance and as much of an inspiration as the partner you are dancing with. Each song, each composition will inspire you to dance differently.
    4. Less is More– Focus on the feeling of the dance rather than the number of steps you know and can execute on the dance floor. It is not about how many “words” you can “say” but how much you value each “word” that you “say” carries. There is no such thing as too slow in tango. You would much rather “whisper” something to your partner that will make them “melt,” that “scream” something that they won’t understand.
    5. Relax and Enjoy the Dance– Argentine Tango is a social dance first of all. It comes from the streets of Buenos Aires and is as natural as can be. Keep the body relaxed–unnecessary tension in the muscles will make the movements uncomfortable.
    6. And one more piece of advice (this time from SCA co-chair Mary Collins)- don’t wear flip flops. You can’t be worrying about your heels slipping out of your shoes when you make your partner “melt” on the dance floor..  😉

    Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity and reserve your tickets today.

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