In Review: Nano Stern

Straight out of Chilé, Nano Stern stops at nothing to ensure the utmost pleasure and contentment of the audience.

Stern begins his concert with some more high tempo Chilean guitar, with the accompaniment of his pianist and bass player. The night rolled along with mixes of upbeat, soulful, and folk music was all written during his time exploring his home country.

One of the most inspiring portions of the show was when Stern brought out a quartet of UCLA strings musicians who played about 4-5 songs along with him. The “Goddess Quartette” as they are called, accompanied Stern’s music beautifully.

Additionally, the effort Stern made to connect his music to current issues, such as admiring the native women of his country through song, as well as the suffering of native tribes, the turmoil of Chile is felt by the audience– but the themes maintain outside of the theater. Stern’s passion is palpable as he plays not only his guitar with utmost heart but also the violin and a Chilean harmonica!

Nano Stern was quite the experience, and the best way to sum up the feeling felt post-show resonates in the quote Stern ends the show with:

“ Who here isn’t from LA? Who here has parents who aren’t from LA? See… majority of people here are immigrants or children of immigrants. So when negativity is shown towards immigrants, remember that everyone in Los Angeles is an immigrant to this area. Without immigrants, this concert wouldn’t have been possible.


Written by Isabelle Von Lockner