SCA Music Pick — Jai Paul :: Jasmine

No one is like James Blake. No one. Alas, here’s another not-james-but-still-amazing artist. Jai Paul, whom we discovered during our withdrawals from Blake’s untimely absence, is XL Recording’s best-kept secret. Home to artists such as Radiohead and The xx, this label essentially guarantees success with its penchant for collecting prodigious talent. Jai Paul, who hails from the UK, is truly a diamond in the rough, even if that lack of polish is of his own making. This London-based producer delivered two impeccable songs and received critical acclaim for both, yet still, sadistically, hasn’t released an official debut. Listen below. And after you’re done, take solace in the fact that now, Blake is back to soothe the anguish caused by the ever-enigmatic Jai Paul and his lengthy absence.

– Makayla Bailey

Jai Paul :: Jasmine

Jai Paul :: BTSTU