SCA Music Pick — The Shouting Matches :: I Had A Real Good Lover

Sparse, grimy blues-rock meets the trademark croon of Bon Iver’s frontman Justin Vernon in his soulful side project, The Shouting Matches, which likely won’t retain the moniker ‘side project’ for long (given the group’s upcoming performance at Coachella). Despite recently releasing official promotion images and leaking songs online, Justin Vernon and Brian Moen, have kept fans in suspense since 2008, limiting the project solely to the occasional show between tours.

One of the leaked tracks off the EP Mouthoil, “I Had A Real Good Lover” is going to require a lot more than soap to keep from sticking in your head and all over your newsfeed. This track seamlessly blends gravelly blues guitar with piercing vocals, which retain Vernon’s characteristic soulfulness, and we haven’t heard something so Sunday-morning sexual since “Untie My Shoelaces” by Sister Sparrow. On second thought, it may not be so bad if the Mouthoil EP stays stuck in our heads, after all.

– Makayla Bailey