SCA Spotlight: Dashew Center at Fowler Out Loud

SCA Spotlight Presents: Dashew Center at Fowler Out Loud // April 26 at 6 PM

Hey everyone!

This week, SCA’s Spotlight event is the Dashew Center performance at the Fowler Museum. The Fowler Museum holds a weekly student performance every Thursday at 6 PM. The performances this quarter have ranged from contemporary rock and pop to bluegrass, classical, a capella, and Afro-tango music.

This week’s performance will present a night of mixed arts, song, dance, poetry, and musical performances, exhibiting cultures across the world performed by Dashew Center’s international students.  The event will take place in the open-air Fowler Amphitheater just outside of the Fowler Museum. If you’re looking for something exciting to do with your Thursday night, then you should definitely come to this event!

We hope to see you there!

Dashew Center Showcase

Fowler Museum, 6 PM

FREE | FOWLER MUSEUM | THU. 04/26/12 | 6:00 PM