Story for a Story: An Experiment in Story Exchange

SCA presents: Story for a Story

Jon SCA this Saturday evening at the Improv Space for our 2nd Annual story telling series, Story for a Story, an exchange of true stories and experiences as told through the eyes of UCLA students.

The idea behind Story for a Story is simple, “We tell our stories to hear yours.”

This event is a two-part experience:

First, we find a small group of students to tell a story and work with professional storyteller, Khanisha Foster. Process is everything when it comes to quality, so we worked for FIVE WEEKS writing and rewriting our personal narratives to create the most thought provoking, honest, and sincere stories. Then we perform them in front of an audience.

Second, we invite UCLA to come watch the show and respond to the stories. Following the show, SCA will set up an interview booth and a writing station where students can come and tell their own stories in response to the stories that were told on stage.

Stories are powerful and transformative, and we want to hear what you have to say (or write)!

Join us for the show this Saturday evening at 6:30pm at the Improv Space in Westwood (a few doors down the street from the In-n-Out on Gayley)!

Featuring the stories of

Johnny Dang

Annakai Geshlider

Alisha Kapur

Miles Mistler

Jessica Waite