Story For A Story

Join SCA for a free evening of thought-provoking story exchange, this Saturday at 5pm in Westwood at the Improv Space.

In short, “Story For A Story” is a show about REAL PEOPLE telling REAL STORIES.

In long, “Story For A Story” is a show stemming from the idea that stories prompt the sharing of new stories.

Based on the work of 2nd Story, a story telling collective in Chicago, “Story For A Story” is a project that seeks to engage students through the exchange of stories between performer and audience.

First, we gathered four students to workshop their stories in a writing intensive lead by the Associate Artistic Director of 2nd Story, Khanisha Foster. A master storyteller and teacher herself, Khanisha’s work focuses on race, drug addiction, and her own experiences as a teaching artist. Week after week, our four students worked to find the stories that mattered to them most, developing their unique voices as storytellers. The writing intensive was all in preparation for the show this Saturday night, where each of our four writers will perform their story.

Following the show, audience members will be encouraged to share their own stories either in conversation, interview, or writing.

Working with the theme “Breaking Apart”–expect to hear a unique blend of comedy, tragedy, and stimulating self-reflection.


Featuring the works of:

Jasmine Don

Mike Li

Christy Quach

Nick Versaci

with workshops lead by Khanisha Foster


“We tell our stories to hear yours.”


The Improv Space (954 Gayley Ave)

Saturday 5/30 from 5pm-6pm