Throwback Thursday Music: Fire Traxxx and Hot Jams

Providing groovy respite from the deluge of baby pictures and high school portraits

At SCA we’re dedicated to promoting arts and culture on campus. As American culture peaked in the 1980s, I figured it was pretty important that we highlighted a couple of the best songs that decade had to offer.

First you’ve got to finish those pesky assignments

Its Thursday again, which means you survived third week (almost), and the weekend is fast approaching. Yet again you’ve got that feeling, the ferocious need to get out of the classroom and back to your leisure pursuits.


Fortunately, we’ve assembled a couple of songs that are guaranteed to remind you of the truly important facts in life: you’re surrounded by palm trees, it’s still 85 degrees in October, and you too can one day get on Bruce’s level –

Ideally you’re wearing a Hawaiian shirt right now, or maybe some Dayglo leg warmers, or potentially even a white/pastel suit. What better way to announce to Westwood that everything is swell and that you just want to party?

Look at Miami Vice:

I think we can all learn something from Crockett and Tubbs (apart from the necessity of an 86 Ferrari Testarossa) – these guys clearly know the value of working hard, and playing even harder.

Whether you’re going out this evening for a well-deserved break, or hunkering down to hit the books, these tracks are guaranteed to improve your night and take you back to the golden age.


The goods:

Kids in America – Kim Wilde (1981 – New Wave/Synthpop)

Get Down Saturday Night – Oliver Cheatham (1983 R&B/Boogie)

Waiting for a Train – Flash and a Pan (1983 – Synthpop)

(Keep Feeling) Fascination – The Human League (1983 – New Wave/Synthpop)

Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung (1984 New Wave/Pop Rock)

Automatic – Pointer Sisters (1984 Funk/Post Disco)

Obsession – Animotion (1984 New Wave/Synthrock)

Oh Sheila – Ready For the World (1985 Electro/Funk)

Crockett’s Theme – Jan Hammer (1987 New Wave/Chillout)



Shea Thorne