Winter Quarterly Clothing Swap!

IT’S BACK ~~ Student Committee for the Arts presents our quarterly Clothing Swap!
Bring your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories to swap with your fellow UCLA students! This swap focuses on the stories that clothes tell and expressing individuality, so as part of the process we are providing materials to decorate and alter your clothes! Yay sustainability!
The rules are very simple:
All items at the swap are FREE for the taking if you bring two or more pieces to trade.
IF you are too dearly attached to all of your apparel, or you have stumbled in last minute on your way from class, you can still come search for some goods…..but we ask that you follow us on Instagram to find out about our upcoming events 🙂
Come join us Monday, March 5th from 12-4pm in Bruin Plaza! See you there 😉