Agenda Festival 2018 and Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

Kennedy Hill ’20

While Saturday is typically the day I set aside to binge watch Jane the Virgin and daydream of one day meeting my own Rafael, an extraordinary occurrence has taken place. I have plans. And not plans that I clumsily crawl out of bed for, knowing that whatever I’m about to do isn’t worth the effort of taming my morning fro. I have plans that I am actually excited for- like wake up before my alarm and dive into that Eco-gel- that kind of excited. This Saturday, June 30th, is Agenda Festival. A festival that the Agenda staff have chosen to best describe as  “a curated mall of pop-up shops dropped into the middle of a music festival”.

Now, those who have never been to a festival of any sort will obviously understand my excitement. But for those die hard ragers who live for Coachella, Desert Daze, EDC, and all the other fests that linger in our minds year-round, you may be wondering why I’m so excited for Agenda. Surely, all festivals have their reputations- their expected vibes. Coachella is aesthetically pleasing with its flower crowns and lacey robes, headlined by the industry’s top artists. EDC is freeing and uplifting, with electronic beats and hypnotizing light displays lifting away your every worry. Well Agenda is… a bit of everything.

It is a music festival with an astounding lineup headlined by Brockhampton. It is the hottest fashion hub in long beach, presenting 500+ pop up shops that showcase the latest innovations in design and streetwear. It is a Ted talk that hosts a series of panels lined with professionals in all artistic who are waiting to give advice on how to develop a successful career of your own. Most importantly to me (which will be telling of my priorities in life), it is a glorious gathering of Southern California food trucks that will make you question your stance on trans fats.

The Agenda Festival is one of the few festivals that seems dedicated to promoting recognition of up and comers in all art forms, not just music. It explodes with the essence of skate culture and universal acceptance. The Agenda Festival is fresh, and has yet to be pigeonholed to provide its attendees with a certain experience. And that feeling of not knowing what to expect, is so hard to find these days, when it feels like virtually everything has already been done. So, yes. I’m excited. I wouldn’t miss Agenda Festival for anything- not even the newest telenovela twist.