Moves in Broad

WAC174A: Creation of Repertory presents “Studies on figures close and far”. Choreographed by Gracie Whyte in collaboration with the dancers. “Studies on figures close and far” focuses on themes of community and awareness, specifically the awareness that we are all a part of a much bigger picture and larger narrative than our own small life. It is a response to recent current events in our nation and the world. This piece hopes┬áto answer your questions and also ask new ones.

Danced by: Allyson Adams, Nicole Andrews, Diana Gilmore, Morgan Hood, Caileigh Knapp, Jocelyn Reyes, Lucas Santhon, Bora Yoon

Little Gallery 7:30-7:50 — a tiny improv score for a tiny space
Untitled Cafe Patio 8-8:30 — “Studies on figures close and far”

Produced by The Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and The Student Committee for the Arts.