SCA Music Pick — Heavenly Beat :: Tradition

It’s not often that the words “seaside resort” and “elevator music” can be used in the same sentence with a positive connotation, but John Peña’s project Heavenly Beat is an amalgamation of just that. This beachy-elevator music, which will likely draw inevitable vocal comparisons to Toro y Moi, manages to sail through an entire album with head-bob inducing beats underpinning Peña’s astral vocals.

The whole record embodies the title Talent, but our favorite track is “Tradition.” If you can watch the video without being blinded by the indie-hologram-apathetic-white-t-shirtness of it all, you should probably be writing this blog instead of us. (We survived just up until the obligatory fish-eye shot at the end of the video). Overall, both Heavenly Beat and DIIV have us wondering if Beach Fossils should even bother getting back together, seeing as their solo projects are making wavves in the music world (terrible pun definitely intended). Good music, and most of all, good luck.

Here it is…. Heavenly Beat // Tradition

– Makayla Bailey