SCA Music Pick — Sky Ferriera :: Everything is Embarrassing

Three Reasons:

1. First, the song title accurately sums up all of our post-party walks to B-café at 2am freshman year when we ran into the obscure facebook friend we just didn’t want to see, and subsequently managed to spill every ounce of disgusting vegan bbq, soy-infused goodness on our favorite shirt. And then proceed to walk back to the dorms in that very same barbeque soy-infused shirt, once again battling insincere cries of our name coupled with squeals of “let’s do lunch!”

2. Granted, that last bit may have been a tad specific. But here’s a reason all of us should appreciate. Ferriera’s latest single is in part produced by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, who also produced Solange Knowles’ newest song. Clearly, the 80’s are here to stay.

3. Sky is friends with Grimes.  And she’s gorgeous. Which likely means that nothing for her is actually (or even remotely) embarrassing. We can’t be bitter though, because she’s gifted us her voice for this song. Listen below.

– Makayla Bailey