SCA Music Pick — Melody’s Echo Chamber

Two Reasons:

1. Sharing a record label with band Unknown Mortal Orchestra and produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Melody Prochet’s debut release bears both his trademark guitar and her seemingly infinite vocals with jangly, swirling success. The song seamlessly mingles the two elements and Prochet manages to convey both love and heartbreak with a velvet levity that speaks to both her musical prowess and her Parisian roots. Move over Beach House, this is dream pop with an edge.

2. She’s French (you know, croissants and lilies and the like). Which makes everything better. Or butter. Which blessedly brings us back to croissants. Mmm.

Take the time to listen and see if this French ingénue doesn’t have your head swirling in a psychedelic and…buttery trance by the end of the song.

– Makayla Bailey