Arts in the Union 2016 and Westside Welcome !

Two free events hosted by the Student Committee for the Arts! Arts in the Union and Westside Welcome!

Join us from 4:30-8:30 in and around Ackerman and Kerckhoff to enjoy a showcase of student artists!

Featuring student bands, acapella, dance, comedy, spoken word, dance, and visual art.


Panda Express Patio – Student Bands

4:30 Indigenous Soul

5:00 Alecbe//

5:35 Leo Lauren and Band

6:00-7:00 Break on Patio – Head to KGS to hear an alumni band

7:00 Stefan Dismond

7:50 Apollo Soul

Bruin Viewpoint Room – A Cappella

5:25 Medleys

5:50 Random Voices

6:15 Resonance

6:40 Bruin Harmony

7:05 Signature

7:30 ScatterTones

Coffeehouse – Comedy


6:15 Austin Nasso

6:20 Nathan Mosher

6:25 Dewey Cassady

6:30 Salma Zaky

6:35 Rachel Paul

6:40 Nick Proano


6:45 LCC Theatre

7:00 Shenanigans Sidekicks

7:15 Shenanigans Mildcats

7:30 Business Casual

7:45 Rapid Fire Improv


8:00 LCC Theatre

8:10 Shenanigans Sketch

Kerckhoff Grand Salon – Dance and Alumni Performance

5:00 Matthew Rogers

5:10 Samahang Modern

5:30 Ricky Medina

5:45 NSU Modern

6:00-7:00 SCA Alumni Performance – Atomic Walrus


Then join us again that evening for WESTSIDE WELCOME, an electronic music concert from 9:30-12:00 in Ackerman Grand Ballroom

Student Openers:

9:30 Officer Gavin

10:00 Ky Newman


TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Reserve your tickets for Westside Welcome on the Eventbrite link provided above to guarantee entry

Start getting your wrist bands at 7:30 near Panda Express Patio with your Bruin Card!

No tickets needed for AITU!


There will be flashing lights at this event!

Only officially certified service animals please!

No bags will be allowed inside the venue!